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Entertainment vs. Entertaining

FilmPosted by Mikkel Leffers Svendstrup Mon, November 17, 2008 14:10:54

Since there's no "general" category, and I can't see how I should be able to create new categories, I post this in the film category.

At the November 7th conference, we started a discussion on the subject "Hvad er underholdning?"/"What's entertainment?". The catalyst for this discussion, was this marvelous claymation short:

Any new ideas og opinions on the subject? Personally, I don't find the wonderful film a piece of entertainment, however it might very well be entertaining.



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Gods forgive... I don't!

FilmPosted by Mikkel Leffers Svendstrup Sat, November 15, 2008 08:34:32

As for religious references, the title of Giuseppe Collizi's Gods forgive... I don't is a good example. In the Italian western, the hero does not turn his cheek... It's an eye for an eye, og maybe it's acttually two of three eyes for an eye.

Here's the master crafted opening sequence, with a absolutely great score, which is a religious reference as well:

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FilmPosted by Mikkel Leffers Svendstrup Sat, November 15, 2008 08:25:53

...And since there's no action here ... I'll keep on posting tough and sleazy cowboys...

Sergio Corbobucci's Django is a wonderful example of the gothis spaghetti western.


Enjoy! :)


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ll grande silenzio

FilmPosted by Mikkel Leffers Svendstrup Wed, November 12, 2008 21:49:10

In my presentation friday the 7th, I mentioned my favourite spaghetti bu Segio Corbucci - Il grande silenzio starring Klaus Kinski and Jean-Louis Trintignant.

Here's the trailer:

And I wrote a review at as well a couple of years ago:



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