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Launch date October 7, 2008

Welcome and DemosPosted by Cynthia M. Grund Tue, October 07, 2008 18:57:03

We are launching this homepage almost exactly one month after we began to work on its development and design. We hope that you have had a chance to explore the various functionalities. We look forward to hearing from you!

. . . and last, but not least, our thanks to Søren R. Frimodt-Møller for some valuable advice which helped us to make important design and implementation decisions before we began the actual work of putting the site together.

Best wishes from the Editorial Staff,

Cynthia, Kean and Carsten

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Group dinner (at ones own expense) after the conference Filosofi og Populærkultur on November 7, 2008

Sign-up for dinner 7 Nov 2008Posted by Cynthia M. Grund Fri, October 03, 2008 21:30:38
Blog ImagePlease send us a short comment to this post to let us know if you would like to join the group who will go out to eat together on Friday, November 7 after the conference Filosofi og Populærkultur at SDU-Odense. It would probably be a good idea to let us know no later than Thursday, October 30, 2008.smiley

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Welcome to Philosophy Meets Popular Culture

Welcome and DemosPosted by Cynthia M. Grund Sat, September 06, 2008 17:12:51

At long last - after four conferences spread out over 2005 - 2008, another one on its way in a few months, and at least 13 (!) years during which the products of popular culture have been integrated within philosophy instruction here in Denmark in courses ranging from extramural university level ("Folkeuniversitet") through graduate and undergraduate level - a forum is being established for the dissemination and discussion of any and all topics which deal with the meeting of Philosophy with Popular Culture.

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